Italy through France

So here we are, about 1/2 way through the tour. On September 12th we winged our way from NYC to Brussels. On the flight we watched (respectively, and in no particular order) That Thing You Do, Terminator: Salvation, Angels & Demons, and Wolverine. We napped in Brussels airport and then flew to Catania where we were picked up by Luca (one of our booking agents) who brought us to have our first Italian meal with our other booking agent (and road manager) Antonio.

We have played shows at (in no particular order) five star restaurants, bars, cafes, discotheques, a punk rock club named “Gabba Gabba,” and a bookstore basement. We have been given amazing food and gotten the chance to sample/gorge ourselves on local wines and liquor. We have consumed lots of coffee. We’ve eaten horse meat. We have slept in B&Bs, an apartment with a family of cats, hotels, a trailer next to “Gabba Gabba,” and an Ikea style space-age hotel directly next to a French prison (not a turn of phrase). We played in Switzerland, where the roads are paved with gold and candy, and where we witnessed a major car accident. We have spent many hours in the van. Up next, Espannnna and Holland. Fanculo.